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Research in Adhesive Bonding Provided By Motorola

Dec 9, 2009 , Posted by hamba_tarbiyah at 4:15 AM

This is my FYP (Final Year Project). Just to leave a sharing in this posting, and then give me more enthusiasm to become a good researcher.

Very interesting but more coursing to Material Study, but never mind because there is also in my subject taken for this last semester, Fracture Mechanics.

Adhesive is somethings likes a glue but it is very special glue because of significant to us to use in joining the different phase of material or dissimilar material.

Example to joining the metal to non-metal, is it easy to bond both of them? Absolutely no.

So because of that, the Motorola propose this project to make some research and study in this application on their industries.

What's a benefit do you get Rahmat ? ask my supervisor.
Hmmm spontaneously a sample response, "knowledge"..

In frame of timing researching (shows below is only a little part of this project, but it was a focuses):

Arcan Specimen, bonded on the both notch.

An overview of loading device and setup: (a) pure mode I; (b) mixed mode; (c) pure mode II

Experiement process.

This is 3D model in SolidWorks software:

Arcan joint specimen model.

Fixure loading model.

Complete assembly model.

Complete model are ready to be analyze using LS-Dyna.

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